Frome Tae Kwon Do

Wishing to try something new. No matter who you are everyone has their own reasons to starting a martial arts. Only you can take the first steps in starting but joining P.U.M.A is a step to joining a family orientated school.


Fitness & Wellbeing

Flexibility & Co-ordination

Teamwork & social interaction

Self confidence skills

Self defence

Discipline, respect & self development skills

Focus & Concentration

and MUCH more....

About Us

Little PU.M.As

Little PUMA classes are designed via a set syllabus for ages 4-6/7yrs to improved life skills and fitness preparing them for the future.

Instructors are fully qualified PUMA Tae Kwon Do instructors with added child safe guarding, DBS checked, First Aid Qualified and fully insured instructors.

Having FUN with fitness in a safe enviroment ...

More Info

P.U.M.A Events

P.U.M.A = Professional Unification of Martial Arts

There are various events, seminars .i.e. Ground Defence, Jang Bong (Bo Staff), Squad Training, Competitions, Training camps, P.U.M.A Day ... thats just to name a few, these are run through out each each year for everyone to get involved and broaden their personal development beyond their local schools. These are optional and you get to meet new people and become part of a bigger Tae Kwon Do family along the way. For more indept information please visit:

P.U.M.A Events Site