Frome Tae Kwon-Do

Tae Kwon-do

Tae Kwon-Do is a Korean martial art. Prodominantly a standing foot and fist art that uses traditional aspects and using 'Semi' contact (non contact for beginners untill built up confidence, skill and technique.)

There is a sporting and self-defence aspect to Taekwondo which also entail improving exercise knowledge, fitness and wellbeing.

Depending what you desire to take away from Tae Kwon-Do everyone is different but other areas of improvements :balance, flexibility, stamina, strength, posture, mental wellbeing, focus, self control, self belief, self confidence and dont forget improvements of social skills.

You are welcome no matter how fit or unfit, co-ordinated or unco-ordinated, flexible or non-flexible the list could go on but theres benefits for everyone from ages 4yr - 80+ yrs old. The hardest part is to turn up and have a go.

Please do not hesitate to contact your school instructor and have a relaxed chat or just turn up and watch or join in and take advange of a 2week FREE trial.



Our instructors are qualified and approved to the high standards expected by the Professional Unification of Martial Arts (PUMA), they will have trained for a minimum of 4years with dedicateed standard and obtained at least their 1st degree black belt.This is meet as national martial arts organisation whose rigorous process and quality is recognised worldwide standard.

They will have valid First aid &Child Safeguarding

They will be Fully insured and have been DBS checked all as a standard requiremtent. Your will be assured your instructor will be attending theor own onlgoing self development as a Black belt to pass on knowledge and skills to the best of their ability to the students.

Little P.U.M.A instructors will have taken a childrens instructors course to ensure the FUN and syllabus that is up to standard for the children to improve life skills and developing for the introduction of progressing into the Junior and adults classes over time.

We like to ensure the student is comfortable and happy within their Tae Kwon Do school and do like to obtain feedback so do contact the school instructor with any enquiries or feedback.