Frome Tae Kwon-Do



Martial arts are for everyone. People take part in Tae Kwon-Do for many reasons and everyone has their own personal one that makes you take that first step into the Dojang (hall). What ever the objective , it is our aim to help the individual attain excellence in eerything they do, so that they can improve both physically and mentally.

The hardest step is to make that first initial contact and / or turning up.

We like to make sure the individually is happy in the martial art so we offer a 2 week Trial period.

Just turn up to express your interest and possibly join in. NO PRESSURE


All our instructors are fully qualified, DBS checked, hold a current certificate in Safe guarding and First aid.

Making sure our students are in the safest of enviroments as we conduct our classes. You take your classes at your own pace as you are training with everyday people with all mixed abilities and we all learn of one another. Even the highest grades never stop learning from new students.

Professional develop is a link in with our classes. You will alway have someway of imoroving your skills in the individually direction you wish to go.

P.U.M.A put on regular seminars, demonstrations, events, competitions, social evenings, training camps and more in interested in the more social aspects of Tae Kwon Do.

Being apart of one big Martial Arts Team by just becoming a member is a very comforting feeling.

Dont regret what you didn't try in life.